Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peanut butter balls...

I know the title sounds sort of pornographic and many will be disappointed to know that this post does not include any photos of those kind of balls with peanut butter.

It does however link you here to one of the most delicious recipes.

Our friend made these for us at Christmas. After we devoured her batch, I search the internet for a recipe. I am embarrassed to say that there have been many batches made since. In our defense there is five of us in the house. The recipe only makes about 40 and they are small...easy to pop one in your mouth every time you walk past.

There is a photo but it is clean.

I am knitting the sweater from hell still. Only a man would pick a sweater pattern that has sleeves that are ribbed all the way up. I think my plan may extend into February. It needs done and I am starting in on the home stretch. I am dying to start something quick and easy. Soon. Maybe one of these.

I hope your popping over to see my photo a day project. It honestly has been so much fun.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oh they look delicious... they wouldn't last long in my house and there is only two of us!

Samantha said...

I gained two pounds looking at that photo. LOL

Your mail arrived ... my sister knows she has mail here, but doesn't know who its from. Its so much fun tormenting her.

Bezzie said...

Mmmm...more balls!!!

Bezzie said...

Oh hey, I've tried subscribing to your Photo A Day blog, but Bloglines is telling me it has no RSS feed. I'm terrible about remembering to check blogs on my own--but I do get over there now and then.

Jenn said...

lol my hubby just made those for us on sunday. needless to say they are veeerrry tasty and all gone now. mmm mmm