Saturday, January 01, 2011

it has been a whole year...

i have missed blogging. so i am back...a new blog. come and visit!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end of the year...

Well here is the thing, I have decided to stop my blog.

Back in June, I began feeling like blogging was becoming a bit of a chore. I had never felt that way about it before but life is always changing and evolving and what worked 6 months ago or a year ago, sometimes doesn't fit into the mix as easily or as enjoyable as it once did.

I decided to give myself till the end of the year to be sure I wanted to stop blogging. (Plus I was determined to finish my photo a day project.)

As the end of the year came closer I found myself relieved by my decision to stop doing my blog and was looking forward to closing this chapter of my life.

There are so may creative people I have been fortunate enough to follow through out the time I have blogged. I have been given inspiration for projects. I have stumbled across great patterns and been lucky enough to win the odd contest.

I would not feel comfortable just not blogging anymore. There have been blogs I have followed where the owner stops blogging and you can't help but wonder what the heck happened. So I wanted to post that I was stopping and why. I want to thank everyone who has followed me here and commented. It has been a treat for sure.

I plan on printing all my posts out as well as my photo a day project and making them into a little book, so one day maybe my grand kids will stumble across it and get a glimpse into my life and their moms lives.

Be well and happy.

All the best in 2010!

xo Alisha

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Fifteen years ago our middle daughter was born.

When we were expecting her we were stumped on a name. About a week before we had her hubby came home with a page from the Toronto Sun. The adult entertainment section. He said I found a girl name. In black and white there on the page appearing one night only....Porscha Leigh. I hate to admit it but it was perfect.

She was due actually Christmas Day. That was the only year I had all my Christmas stuff done by December 1st. There was no way in heck I was going any were near a mall that pregnant, anywhere near Christmas. She was late. Not so anxious to see the world I guess.

On the 29th I went for a check up. The doctor told me to come back later that night and she would help things along or we could wait it out over New Years and see what happened. We went down but not till 10pm. I was having second thoughts about the whole labor thing.

On the way down to the hospital at 9 pm, (I told you I was re-thinking the whole thing....when we got there the doctor said to me: Oh we thought you were not coming...we thought you chickened out) we stopped at the drug store. Hubby had promised me chocolates. I had wanted the tin they came in that year. When I had saw it a few weeks prior and hinted I wanted it, he said jokingly.......give me a baby and you get the chocolates. I held him to his word....this was about chocolate....a whole tin of them. I still have the tin, 15 years later. I use it to hold my journal and a few special odds and ends.

Later after all the hard work was done, her and I were getting to know each other. It was around 3 am, I was sitting and admiring her. She had this great little freckle on her tush. I was eating some of those chocolates. They were the best chocolates I had ever had, even to this day. I remember being so content. Fifteen years later I am content still. Happy to see the product of our efforts. It is both rewarding and amazing.

You know I hear people complain about their teenagers. I even have felt a little uneasy when listening to teenager horror stories. I won't lie and say there have not been times when I have wondered what the heck is up...why is she not like that with us.

Shouldn't she not want to hang out with us by now....avoid us like the plague?

Shouldn't she not want anything to do with my tickling her feet while we watch t.v. ?

Shouldn't she be moody and mouthy and darn right unmanageable?

Shouldn't she think the world revolves around her?

She is none of this.

Now this is not to say there isn't a storm brewing around the bend. Who knows....she could give us a run for our money one day but right now she is fun to be with. She is good to her sisters. Her younger sister makes her a little more crazy then she use to. She doesn't like to be remind of the times she would lay with her on her chest watching her favorite t.v. show.

She'd lead you to believe she finds her to be the ultimate annoyance and I am sure some days she is but I see how she is. I see how she can be the most gentle and understanding big sister. She is good to her older sister too. Now I know that her older sister will tell you she is a pest and a dork but deep down she'd miss her sister's craziness. Porscha brings so much humor to our family.

She is a charming young woman. I don't feel sad about the years behind us. I don't feel sad she is grown up. I am looking forward to seeing her life play out. Where her heart takes her. Where her talents take her. And along the way I hope she never tires of my tickling her feet.

Happy Birthday Porscha

I was chuckling to myself....look here and here and here. I have basically repeated the same thing each year. That is sort of neat that my thoughts are in the same place.

Oh and there was a banner. Of course. I calculated last night as I was lying in bed, that I have made 33 banners.

She was quite pleased. She had just one thing that she felt needed to be changed. And in fact at first I had used ass but changed my mind. Moved that photo to cover what I had put and redid it.

She was so funny. She said to me, it is great but it should say (she spelt it) a-s-s. So I told her how it had but that I changed it. I told her she could change it if she wanted. She was all giddy about being able to. It was funny.

Ice cream cake...always. It was cute.

She has had a pretty great day!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

T'was the night before Christmas...

Knitted socks done.


Goodies for celebrations tonight.


There is still some wrapping to do.

But that is okay. Life is good!

Happy Christmas everyone. Enjoy the day!